HP laptop power light blinking

Hey guys, i am super stressed about this so i really hope you all will help

So i basically i had my laptop powered Googling stuff like normal, and i had two of my duracel batteries plugged in via USB


then when i plugged one out and then back in again because i realised the battery pack wasnt charged enough, but when i plugged back in again PC shutdown very nastily like just instantly, then i tried powering on again and for the past 5 hours when i push the power button, the battery light flashes 3 times, then stops, that is while the AC cord is Unplugged, however when i have the AC cord plugged in the charging light is constantly white like normal, however when i push the power button while AC cord is plugged in the battery light only flashes once.


thats my laptop.

Also a sidenote when i unplugged my battery packs the other day the laptop also shutdown but when i tried to power on, it powered on, so it has happened around 2 times before and powered on right away.

Anyway hope everyone will help, and this laptop is around ,3 months old, so very new,and i have never dropped it,

oh and please dont tell me to return the laptop or something to that degree, i want to get this one working and by myself and not another person

cheers guys

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